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Collection: Elderberry Cuttings

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American native elderberry cuttings from this year. Ready to plant in spring. 
Disease free. High yielding and loves water. 

Elder have shallow roots so they need regular weed control and watering for the first year while they get established. Space about 4 to 6' apart. 

This is a wild strain local to Wisconsin. This elder will take off better than any others in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan or in low lying wet areas especially  "Zone 4 or 5". These are itching to grow and start fruiting by the second year. 

This elder fruits semi-determinately, meaning the flowers will turn to fruit mostly at once together, generally mid to late summer. 

When you get flowers the first year, prune them so the shrub can focus on growth for next year. 

Cuttings were taken from plants in picture above. They can reach 12 to 15' tall and require heavy pruning after the first year to help produce a prolific crop.

We ship them in wet paper towel to keep moist. After you open the package, place the cut end in water about a third to half way up stem until ready to plant. 

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