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Wild harvest dandelion flower root tincture
Wild harvest dandelion flower root tincture for liver support
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Dandelion Tincture - Single Extraction

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Wild Harvested Dandelion flower and root

2-5 full droppers in any beverage, 1-2 times a day

Single extraction


High quality, potency, and the right mixture of root and flower is something we have spent quite a bit of time on while making this tincture. The dandelions we use are organic and wild-harvested from central Wisconsin. Research has shown using wild-harvested herbal ingredients offers better health benefits than commercially grown ingredients. They are more nutrient-dense and concentrated, and of higher quality. Wild-harvested dandelions are free of chemicals and pesticides. The root and flowers are steeped in alcohol to extract a complete nutritional panel medicinal tincture.* 

Dandelion root has a natural diuretic effect, helping your liver to better eliminate toxins. It also helps strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn, and help digestive issues. Because dandelion helps reduce uric acid and stimulates urine production, it’s beneficial for fighting bacterial infections within the digestive tract and reproductive organs. 

* What is a tincture? A tincture is an alcoholic derivative herb. Tinctures are effective in extracting the medicinal components and preserving them for longer periods of time. Tinctures are also simple to use and easily absorbed by the body. This tincture is about 60 percent water extracted and 40 percent alcohol extracted. The tincture is great to add to tea, coffee, or your favorite drinks to get the full effect of the herb.

Store in a cool dark place for up to two years

People taking any medicine that affects the liver should consult their doctor before taking this product. 

DISCLAIMER: To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate and reliable; however, we do not assume any liability whatsoever for the accuracy and completeness of the above information. Northwood’s Tea and Herb make no claims about what certain herbs or products will do or not do to any individual. It is the individual or customer’s responsibility to further research the particular purpose of any herb we sell. Our products are in whole or ground form and some may be extracted but not altered. This product is not regulated by the FDA.